Vietnam Ophthalmological Society

About Vietnam Ophthalmological Society

The Vietnam Ophthalmological Society (VOS) was founded in 1967. There were only some members at that time. Up to now, the VOS has a number of 1,300members.

Since the establishment of VOS, the members have been involved in the activities of trachoma disease and complication prevention around the country. So far, the trachoma disease has not been a public health problem in Vietnam. The other blinding causes have also been solved gradually. The number of cataract surgeries have been significantly increased, and the cataract operation technique was changed from Intracapsular cataract extraction (ICCE) before 1990 to Extracapsular from 1992 until now. The advanced ophthalmic equipment has also been provided and used. Since 1992, the VOS has started to join the APAO, and blindness prevention in Vietnam has also integrated into the region.

The VOS always supports and has positive activities on World Sight Day, as well as the Subspecialty Days like World Glaucoma Day, Vision for Children, etc.

The VOS members have attended and delivered scientific presentations at the APAO meetings. The blindness prevention activities in Vietnam are also being implemented in various forms, like epidemiologic and scientific research which provides updates of disease situations in Vietnam.