Indonesian Ophthalmologists Association

About Indonesian Ophthalmologists Association

As of September 2019, the Indonesian Ophthalmologists Association (IOA)or Persatuan Dokter Spesialis Mata Indonesia (Perdami) has grown into a society with 2,600 members, consisting of ophthalmologists and ophthalmologists-in-training. Since the establishment in 1964, our members have grown rapidly over the years. With 12 academic institutions leading the way under the organization of the Indonesian College of Ophthalmology, each year a new batch of 50 to 100 ophthalmologists are released and ready to work. They are mostly working locally in their hometown of 24 Perdami branches spread all across Indonesia. Perdami has been an active member of the APAO for the past 30+ years. Since the beginning, the support between Perdami and APAO has been reciprocal.