Message of the President of AOS

“Ten Countries, One Vision”

These four words pretty much encapsulate what the ASEAN Ophthalmology Society is all about. We envision one common community joined together by a common purpose of uplifting eye care and promoting eye health in the entire region.

But this is easier said than done. For the ASEAN is well known of its great internal diversity. It is composed of ten counties of different sizes, languages, cultures, religions, political systems, economies, and health care systems to name a few. The only thing that is common to all these countries is geography. All are located in the Southeast Asian region. As of 2020, the combined population of ASEAN is around 655 million but there are only around 9,000 ophthalmologists delivering eye care to this huge population. This seemingly insurmountable challenge notwithstanding, the AOS is firmly committed to work together to share expertise and resources in order to mitigate this problem.

The impetus to establish the AOS came from the political initiative of economic integration for the SEA region with the eventual formation of a common economic community. In line with this goal, there is a need for the medical sector to have a venue for cooperation and dialogue. The AOS is just one the many organizations formed along the lines of medical specialties.

The AOS is a young society in a region that is long in history. There may be myriad things to do but we have started the process. The road ahead may be rough and the journey arduous, but with one vision, we shall one day arrive at our destination.

Ruben Lim Bon Siong, MD
AOS President 2020 – 2022
Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology