The objectives of the Society shall be the advancement of Ophthalmology in all of its aspects by: educational research, career development, collaboration with other Society’s and policy development and advocacy. AOS will reach out to all people and nations of the ASEAN region to promote continuing standards in visual science and the disciplines of Ophthalmology.

a. To unite ophthalmologists in the ASEAN countries to form one of the strongest societies of ophthalmologists in the world.

b. To embrace the principles of the ASEAN Mutual Reciprocity Agreement and the ASEAN Economic Community.

c. To promote prevention of blindness activities and restoration of sight through teaching, research, service and any other ways for people in the region.

d. To support and foster collaboration among national societies of ASEAN countries for the advancement of education and research.

e. To collaborate with other international or regional organizations with similar aims.

f. To organize and hold regional congresses or other conferences and such other educational and scientific activities.

g. To raise funds and obtain financial assistance through donations, sponsorships or otherwise for the attainment of any or all of the objectives.