Constitution and By-laws of the Asean Ophthalmology Society

Article 1.


Article 2.

Place of Business

Article 3.


Article 4.


Article 5.

Membership Fees

Article 6.


Article 7.

Executive Council Meetings

Article 8.

Duties of the Officer Bearers

Article 9.

Standing Committees

Article 10.

Audit and Financial Year

Article 11.


Article 12.

Amendments to constitution

Article 13.


Article 14.

By-Laws and Guidelines

Appendix 1

Article 1 - Name

The name of this Society shall be the “ASEAN OPHTHALMOLOGY SOCIETY” (AOS)

Article 2 - Place of Business

The place of business of the Society shall be: The Royal College of Ophthalmologists of Thailand,10th Floor, Royal Golden Jubilee Building, 2 Soi Soonvijai, New Petchburi Road, Bangkapi, Huaykwang, Bangkok 10310 Thailand until an amendment is decided upon by the Executive Council.

Tax exemption shall be considered when relocating location of business to other countries.

Article 3 - Objectives

The objectives of the Society shall be the advancement of Ophthalmology in all of its aspects by: educational research, career development, collaboration with other Society’s and policy development and advocacy. AOS will reach out to all people and nations of the ASEAN region to promote continuing standards in visual science and the disciplines of Ophthalmology.

a. To unite ophthalmologists in the ASEAN countries to form one of the strongest societies of ophthalmologists in the world.

b. To embrace the principles of the ASEAN Mutual Reciprocity Agreement and the ASEAN Economic Community.

c. To promote prevention of blindness activities and restoration of sight through teaching, research, service and any other ways for people in the region.

d. To support and foster collaboration among national societies of ASEAN countries for the advancement of education and research.

e. To collaborate with other international or regional organizations with similar aims.

f. To organize and hold regional congresses or other conferences and such other educational and scientific activities.

g. To raise funds and obtain financial assistance through donations, sponsorships or otherwise for the attainment of any or all of the objectives.

Article 4 - Membership

The AOS shall be composed of one National Ophthalmology Society from each ASEAN country, presently consisting of Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam (here-in after referred to as Member Organizations).*

Where there is more than one Ophthalmology Society in the same member country, the Executive Council shall determine the representative Society.

​The Society shall have the following categories of membership:

a. Ordinary membership (Member Organizations)

b. Honorary membership (organization member outside ASEAN) Society members can also propose other countries to be a member

*In the absence of a National Ophthalmological Society, the Country may appoint a representative to the AOS.

Article 5 - Membership Fees

Each member country shall pay an annual fee to be set by the Executive Council.

Article 6 - Management

6.1 The Executive Council shall serve as the governing body of the AOS.

6.2 The Executive Council shall be composed of one voting representative from each member Society.

6.3 The Executive Council shall comprise the following positions:

a. President (2-year term. The post of President will be by rotation alphabetically by Country)

b. Vice President (2-year term, from country next in-line to President alphabetically)

c. Secretary-General (4-year term)

d. Treasurer (2-year term. This may be extended if re-appointed for another term)

e. Council Members: Representatives of ASEAN countries who do not have the above positions. (2-year term. This may be extended if re-appointed for another term by the local Society)

f. Advocacy Committee

g. Ad Hoc Committee (3 existing standing committees)

*The Advocacy Committee can be placed as Ad Hoc Committee if necessary.

Article 7 - Executive Council Meetings

7.1 The Executive Council Meeting shall be held with the Academic Congress of AOS.

7.2 The Executive Council shall hold at least one (1) regular meeting between two consecutive academic congresses.

7.3 An extraordinary (Council) meeting shall also be convened upon receiving a written request of two-thirds of the total number of the Executive Council members who are entitled to vote.

7.4 The quorum for an Executive Council meeting shall be more than half of the total number of the Executive Council members.

Article 8 - Duties of the Officer Bearers

8.1 The President shall chair all Executive Council meetings. He shall represent ​the Society in its dealings with outside organizations.

8.2 The Vice president shall represent the President or Chair the meeting when necessary

8.2 The Secretary–General shall be the chief administrator of the AOS

8.3 The Treasurer shall manage the financial matters of the AOS.

Article 9 - Standing Committees

9.1 The Society shall have the following Standing Committees

a. ​Scientific Committee: to collaborate with the AOS Congress Chair and Executive Council in organizing the AOS academic congress.

b. ​Research Committee: to develop basic and clinical research, especially collaborative and regional research.

c. Education Committee: to develop clinical practice guidelines, educational programs for the region.

d. ​Ad Hoc Committee: as and when appropriate.

9.2 Chairs of Standing Committees shall be appointed by the Executive Council

9.3 Standing Committee Members shall be selected by the Committee Chair

9.4 ​Executive Council members shall be expected to contribute to one or more of said Committees.

Article 10 - Audit and Financial Year

10.1​ A firm of certified public accountants shall be appointed as Auditors of the Society.

10.2​ The Auditors shall audit each year’s accounts.

10.3​ The financial year-end of the Society shall be the 31st day of December.

10.4​ In the event of the Society being dissolved, all debts and liabilities legally incurred on behalf of the Society shall be fully discharged, and the remaining funds will be disposed of in such manner as the General Meeting of members may determine or donated to an approved charity.

10.5.​The financial report shall be presented at every Executive Council meeting

10.6 Income of the society will be tax-free

Article 11 - Congress

11.1 ​An AOS Congress shall be held once every two year. The Executive Council will decide the city to host the event. The Congress will be awarded on a rotational basis throughout the Member Organization countries. The Chairman of the Congress Organizing Committee, may not necessarily be an Executive Council member. The AOS may hold joint meetings with local or regional societies.

a. AOS congress will not take place in the same year as World Ophthalmology conference (WOC)

11.2 ​For each AOS Congress, the AOS shall enter into an agreement with the host country such that:

a. The host country shall remit 30 percent of the net profits from the AOS congress to the AOS.

b. In the event that the AOS Congress incurs a loss, AOS will not be liable for the financial loss.

Article 12 - Amendments to constitution

12.1 No alteration, addition or deletion to the rules of this Constitution shall be made except at an Executive Council meeting and with the consent of two-thirds of the voting members present at the Meeting.

12.2 The Executive Council shall be entitled to decide any question or matter pertaining to the administration of the Society which is not expressly provided for in this Constitution.

Article 13 - Dissolution

The Society shall not be dissolved, except with the consent of not less than 75 percent of the total voting members of the Society.

Article 14 - By-Laws and Guidelines

Notice of any proposal to amend or alter this Constitution shall be sent to the Secretary General not less than three months before the next Executive Council meeting. The substance of any such proposal shall appear on the agenda of the said meeting in the form of a motion and in such form it shall be circulated to all Members at least one month before the meeting. The motion shall be decided by a simple majority of votes polled.